Sunday, 2 December 2007


1 and 2 December - A bikecentric weekend starting with a far too early wakeup call for young Dylan's coming of age (and coming into his first bicycle without training wheels ... but with gears which i was most disappointed with) - despite the plethora of five and unders all seemed to go rather swimmingly with minimal loss of skin (although it must be said that it usually grows back) - excellent venue at Sydney Park, was too distracted last time i passed through the playground to notice that all of the street signs and traffic lights were actually a playpen and were a miniature streetscape (in my daze i think i must have been under the impression that i'd become a giant for a few minutes) - managed to drag out a reluctant someone to the final screenings of the Bike Film Festival - a bit of bike porn and some great traffic footage but all in all not the kind of films i'd write home about but did give me some much needed inspiration to get off my a**e and perhaps have something for next year.  Met the organiser the next morning and talked about pretty much every subject that one could talk about - very interesting guy (for a vegetarian bike riding hippie ... Miranda Devine would have loved him) and didn't let him talk me out of realising what must eventually be realised.  Did make a slightly poor judgement call on how the night should be concluded but i stand by actions regardless.  Sunday morning involved another far too early wakeup for more bike shenanigans with a very cruisy alleycat through the history of Sydney - points based, mostly by chance and lady luck was not smiling on me that day - pleasant day to do it though.  Some very hard northside riding back and forth - had a completely non stop Pyrmont-Gordon journey that avoided the bike path on the harbour bridge (the non stops are very inspiring but can be kind of tiring) and a similar return with a brief McMahons pit stop that yielded very little in chocolate fudge consumption.  Pity, I like chocolate fudge.

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