Thursday, 20 December 2007

Slurms McKenzie Lives On

December 18 and 19 and 20 - So tired, so tired.  Plagued by Excel formulas as I try to rest - despite not being able to sleep because of the numbers coursing through my head I did manage to make it in and turn some of those thoughts into working spreadsheets of action.  Had a bit of cheap steak action at the Captain Cook Hotel where some aggressive parking turned into a friendly exchange with someone who we probably didn't want to have a fight with (even though the gentleman who was accompanying me was quite doughty although small). 
Dealt with very excitable little people - had to carry one of them a little bit further than I expected to have to carry her - did get fed for my pains though.  Oceans 13 is better than Oceans 12 but worse than 11 - but still not that good a film - have been avoiding watching it for weeks now so I'm glad I've got it over and done with.  I think I need to pay more attention though.  Frangelica's rear tyre had a dramatic end - after riding her fixed for the past few weeks it's been fairly shredded with the strings dangerously exposed - had bought a replacement tyre in the morning but hadn't changed over - as I took the final skid at the bottom of the McMahons driveway I heard a very satisfying pop and it was all over.  Could have dramatically reduced the frustration of fixing by replacing before the tube was torn asunder but that wouldn't have been nearly as much fun.  Survived a small dinner party but exhaustion still frustrates my plans - not everyone is on holidays.  Still the fatigue continues but after another stressful day I escaped to do the '30' themed alley cat in celebration of Pretty Boy's arrival at that age - too laden down with technology and other valuables to race so schlepped it as a checkpoint and was home in time for Arthur's Pizza (significantly improved from my last visit there and so, so much better at Paddington than Bondi.  More web duties in the evening but at least someone's site is no longer under construction.

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