Saturday, 8 December 2007

The Day Rob McKenna Dropped Into Town

6 and 7 december - The results of the sparkle meant I would be late and was beaten in by the one who I'd thought would not make it and was disappointed by the one who I'd hoped would.  Not the only one to shirk their duties on this day.  After struggling through the day I found myself struggling with the salesmen at a vendor do - got really nothing to say to this crowd but it is my bidness so it must be done (have to say I do have a soft spot for one of the engineers though).  Missed out on the thunderstorms that are plaguing my city - flooded the lowlands, soaked the office workers and even killed a man (apparently) and all I wanted to do was immerse myself in the short lived nurturing of the clouds.  Another day at the farm passed with little event and took an evening at an overpriced tourista restaurant where I met a new relative from the other side of the world - the extremely well travelled Vlado from Bratislava (90 countries!  That's hard core) who seemed perfectly delightful, tis a pity the language barrier prevented a more in depth relationship - one of these days I vow I will conquer that one.  Still, stressed me out a bit as barriers seem to be the norm at the moment but got a good deal on a router, and after a little tinkering I finally seemed to get it to work.  Bet it won't solve my problems though.

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