Monday, 10 December 2007

Good Deeds and Life Lessons

8 and 9 December - It fast approaches - a day of toiling int he kitchen and on the streets to acquire bread for sammiches and other assorted ingredients to make pancakes of a surprisingly good consistency.  Had feet sliced by a disarmingly handsome podiatrist in an effort to scrape back the long term damage of being immortal - twas a long time coming.  In the afternoon found myself at a gallery opening - a bit postmodern but a half decent band and loads of free booze - and just walked in off the street - passed several others on the way home - definitely could take advantage of this circuit if i was a little younger and more inclined to crash parties.  After some late night shopping I think i may have overestimated my capacity - but that's for another day.  Did some fixie training in the AM - once you go fixed you can never go back (apparently) followed by bruncheon near the eastern beaches.  Got a bit lost in the clickerverse but found myself free to ride another day.  

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