Monday, 31 December 2007


29 and 30 December - Weeks end during the holiday period all seems very strange - Lilith seems very chilled out all things considering, she doesn't get along very well with her temporary neighbour but she never really seemed to anyway - and who knows what could happen.  Finished a book, had late notice dinner guests including one who was very highly strung and seemed to live in an alternate inverse gravity universe that requires him to spend most of his hours upside down - went to the Timew New Roman Beach (as opposed to the Verdana one) which was rather pleasant, especially seeing all the schlubs pulling their hair out as they looked for a place to park their automobiles - had some fuel and a movie in the afternoon (with appropriate recreational breaks in the interim) - 'No Country For Old Men' was actually quite good despite being a little slow.  I've always got a soft spot for a suitably menacing icy cold angel of death nemesis - but I should have been paying closer attention to the last scene.  Maybe I missed something.

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