Friday, 14 December 2007

Does It Have To Get So Personal?

12 December - A bit of drama on the western front throughout the day - experienced some new experiences in the human resources department and on the corporate ladder with both the rungs below and the rungs above - one seems to be going better than the other but am sure all will end well in the end (although one must remain optimistic it can always go the other way).  It's good to know that others are more stressed than I am - in any event, after one escaped I soon followed in order to pick up me mam from the heart of Redfern to grant her the boon of Burgerfuel (and is there a better way to treat one's mother?  I think not) - not only did I sup mightily but I also finally filled up my card with stamps which will mean one free hamburger next time I'm in the neighbourhood (and let us hope that it is none too far away). 
A comedy musical with comp tickets is twice as funny as one paid for - not only did we have brilliant seats thanks to me charming Mr Benetto but the performance was perhaps even superior to the one that bemused us so many months ago.  And who knows, it may have even made a convert out of the maternal.  A bit late ... 11 and a 1/2 years too late, it's bennelong time but it's over now.  Hurrah. 
Fighting the alarm clock still and not doing too well at this stage - still struggling in the murky depths of the HR world - breakdown in communications technology resulted in me getting into trouble (again) and substandard pizza and overpriced drinks didn't do too much to resolve it - a second dose of musical political satire also didn't do too much to improve the atmosphere - the Wharf Revue just seemed to fail where Keating! succeeded - maybe it was the amateur production values, perhaps it was the show tune style music or maybe, just maybe, it was the fact that they just weren't very funny.  Somewhere along the way I heard Johnathan Biggins sardonically dismiss Mr Benetto's effort as populist entertainment but at least HE was funny and HE could write a tune ... and what a tune, I still can't get 'I want to do you slowly out of my head' and I can't even remember (and don't want to remember) a single chord of the show that was apparently ' ..riotously funny, brimful of sardonic attitude and performed with elan and skilful dexterity'.  

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