Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Do I Get Time Off For Good Behaviour?

10 and 11 December - Lack of verifiable consciousness in the AM meant a vital piece of communications technology did not make the journey to the office with me - this had a knock on effect of altering the rotation of the planet and got me into some slight trouble which required my silver tongue to escape - was overwhelmed by the dearth of calls that had been inflicted upon the poor device in my absence - a sum total of three (3!!!) missed calls - two from me calling to see if it was on or near my person and one from Mr Small But Doughty to locate it once I was in the residence - sometimes a guy just wants to be wanted.  For some reason I'm still wanted at the confidential place - I suppose I was pleasantly surprised to get the letter saying my probation was up but not quite sure what this means in the scheme.  But who ever really does?  Celebrated a birthday in the evening with a quietish evening of slight intoxication and spent the rest of the evening trying to work out how to get my f**kin' new router to work - is this punishment for years of siphoning of free bandwidth from those too lazy or generous to secure their hotspots?
So tired, so tired.  Learned a bit in the afternoon on how people try to impress CEOs and spent an evening sociamalising with the partners - wobbled home after finding out how surprisingly young the boss of bosses is - created a new masterpiece with blueberry banana bread and watched a very bad Canadian film about a very bad serial killer but couldn't make it to the end.  Maybe that's the punishment for one of my other bad habits?

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