Sunday, 16 December 2007

Tis The Season

14 and 15 December - Struggled through again, did make it in on time this day although the people who I was supposed to be on time for ... weren't.  As it were.  Had a small beer out at Observatory Hill after work where the unions were trying to recruit the messengers to join the valiant course by bribing them with sausages.  Some people are cheap, other's aren't.  A good idea certainly but with the vast majority of long timers all giving it a miss and the lion's share of the actual messenger community being transients coming through town or peckers just doing a season (not me, not me) I feel the chances of success are rather small.  It's a nice idea though.  After dining on the northside and going back east I had to deal with Small and Doughty's intoxication and, far more difficult, had to deal with the fascinating conversation of the Scottish guy - managed to pinpoint the strange noise that happens when my stereo is boosting it's bass - for some reason the light fittings are in tune and vibrate in sympathy to the Nightmares on Wax or whatever baritone happens to be playing at the time.  Saturday was spent riding in and out of town - cursing the world and trying to do last minute holiday season errands (at least I've got the goose under control) - a nice evening on the balcony ... once one gets started on Cosmopolitans it's difficult to go back to something less toxic - still, the clarity that the cocktails affords is better than the fug of wine - it allowed me to enjoy the impromptu striptease that made me retract an earlier statement.  And I'm not complaining.

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