Wednesday, 26 December 2007

I'll Bast Your Turkey; I'll Cook Your Goose!

Christian Holiday Period 2007 - Working from home is all well and good but productivity can be somewhat hard too maintain, still, one must admit that it beats the alternative.  Dissipated celebrations this year - a most enjoyable ride to the north side almost ended in tragedy with Chevette's tricksy loose chain coming loose near the end of the journey - one bump too many on Merriwa St and she skidded to a halt as the chain wrapped itself between the hub and sprocket, no issues staying on but no chance of the chain coming loose anytime this year it seems.  Still, alternative transportation measures could be arranged which was some mollification but not enough.  Ate enough to almost be sick with the fambly - did some present exchanges as is the pagan tradition - drove home with a broken bike and heart.  Christmas with children is different to Christmas ... without children - but, it's all well and good, especially when one is able to dine on a new animal - a Dickens Stylin' Goose with stuffing made from rice rather than breadcrumbs always goes down a treat I'm supposing ... much watching of fillums at various venues and readings of literature broke up the semblance of a holiday ... not sure what the rest of the year might hold.  As per usual, this time of year offers no respites.

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