Thursday, 6 December 2007

Sparkle Sparkle

3 and 4 and 5 december - It was a while ago now but I believe there were some thunderstorms that were rather disconcerting to someone who was going to ride home but not as troubling considering that it was only a ride home and not the entire day (but I always found it rather fun to spend a day in the rain ... for the first few days anyway) - Summer Heights High is the best thing I've seen on television in ages, not that there's been too much that I've seen ... a stressful day followed by an even more stressful day, managing people is not always that much fun, especially when it forces you to miss out on a night at the movies - ripped scenes are no substitute, especially when they lead to far too late an evening of things that one shouldn't be doing.  Hermaphrodite may be small but she's doughty and sometimes that's all one needs and she took me to the black and white and sparkle (???) ball where I had something relating to a ball - didn't make a fool of myself which is always a positive at a work function but was probably a bit silly in taking her home.  Interesting to note the number of people who called in sick for the day and miraculously recovered to attend the festivities.  But then again, they're just kids.

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