Wednesday, 2 January 2008

The End Is Nigh

31 December 2007 (and the early days of the new year) - The end of another year (as far as the conventional Western method of splitting it up is concerned anyway - and not a bad way, woefully inefficient in its anachronisms but at least functional enough with our workarounds).  Dragged myself into work - puffing far too often and far too furiously in a strange fatalastic method, but for what reason) - broke up the slog of a day with coffee breaks (one too many I think - open cafes were few and far between of the immediate vicinity of the building but one at Darling Park had opened its doors for the day - a couple of cleaners (perhaps, it may have been the owner) had come in and opened up on a limited basis - discount rates applied for all who came - and despite the barista apparently not being a real barista it wasn't half bad.  On my third visit of the day (I was stressed!!!) it turned out that he'd gone home and the place was left with nobody to make it ... that is, unless you know how to make a coffee?  the minder asked.  So, I soon found myself behind the bar churning out a not too bad (but admittedly, not great) piccollo late and then even searched the depths of the kitchen looking for a light.  A pleasant distraction. Well, pleasant enough.  New years eve - celebrated with various peoples, ingested and inhaled things to excess which resulted in a slightly edgy version of Sax the next day ... perhaps he was missing something.  In any event, he's been in better form.  Survived the return to the office despite the fact that many others didn't.  Slight improvement in the evening but not much.

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