Sunday, 6 January 2008

Valley Of The Damned

3 and 4 and 5 January - After suffering through another day at the grinding stone (with some moderate successes and opportunities) the parental units came over to take my cat away (all things considered it was a rather good arrangement with Lilith at 2025 and it’s very possible that we could see her there again some day - I seem to be eating a lot of steak these days.  The patches seem to be doing their job at the moment ... Leave a strange aftertaste in the back of the throat and mouth but one that is actually quite familiar and pleasant although the same can’t be said of the gum.  Not screaming at nights right now – although strange dreams that leave fleeting memories seem to be the norm (some of which include guilty partakings of forbidden substances but the less said of that the better).  Drove out to the Hunter Valley on the Friday AM and got there in time for a pleasantish ride over crappe roads for one of the lamest horse rides ever (would have complained afterwards but for the fact that the Victorian got there before me which resulted in him getting a verbal barrage from the owner who seemed quite content with the fact that she may have been responsible for spreading the equine flu to our southern neighbours).  The Postman didn’t seem as good on the second viewing, strange.  Still, it’s got a couple of great lines in it – the main flaw still being the fact that Abby either had the longest pregnancy in the history of the world, or, the temporal timelines were just not very well thought through.  Saturday was plagued with rains but that didn’t stop the hard core riders taking another vertical tour around the local area – luncheons were not the best to be had but you have to eat somewhere.  Sometimes I wonder.

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