Monday, 21 January 2008

This Engagement Is Over

17 to 20 January - So many days away from the distraction but, as per most of the time, it's the activities of the being away that are causing the distraction from the distraction that is the reason why the distraction is not getting the attention it so richly deserves.  Suffice to say that the confidential was causing a bit more stress than was really required and this had to be countered with an evening of dining and quaffing in the area of Potts Point - Jimmy Licks was all in all, not too bad, I have to say I like a place that presents Coopers beer with the same level of respect that is normally only afforded to overpriced wine.  The pork belly wasn't too bad too, not as mm' tasty as the delicate simplicity of Spice Siam's holy basil version but not bad nonetheless.  Presumably shouldn't have extended this evening with certain compatriots as much as I did but I did what I did and I paid the consequences and to hell with anything else.  Shook off the remnants of the hangover and took myself over to the north side (was taken) where I arrived with my belt, socks and shoes (and very little else) because somebody was going to get married this day.  After two and a half years of on again off again engagement (although it must be said, nothing approaching really splitting up) my good friends M&C finally did the Christian thing (and it was certainly a Christian ceremony) and got themselves married.  Long ceremony, long speeches, long periods of standing around in the drizzle as the costumed ones waited for the photographer to get his stuff together to take photos of us (and not mistake any of the other multitudes of marriage parties milling around for their photographs) but an excellent night nonetheless.  Sax likes to party but he also knows his responsibilities and they included preventing someone from driving (friends don't let friends drive) so an earlyish night was had but followed by finally tracking down what the Cloverfield monster really looks like (not bad, all things considering) and a couple of slight falls from the wagon but who's counting? 

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