Wednesday, 16 January 2008

A Saxy Time

14 and 15 and 16 January - With a definite absence of cat a mouse felt quite entitled to play - a movie night sufficed in rebelliousness and whilst not being overwhelmed by the definite Oscar nominated (and not because it was any good) Charlie Wilson's war it was still a very agreeable way to spend a few hours - cleared my head with a surprisingly long ride to Coogee where my head was soundly uncleared and I carried on my recent tradition of excessive consumption of flesh.  No time to really suffer as very shortly after I left the day I started again at a godforsaken hour to get beaten at squash.  Confidentiality seems to be a little tense at the moment but nothing I really want to think about too much and I found myself, once again, agreeably distracted by the latest Alien v Predator - I had low expectations and wasn't disappointed (not the greatest recommendation I've ever offered but I wasn't going to demand the 2 hours back).  Wednesday felt better.

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