Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Pop Mahoganyu

21 to 23 (oh, Cthulu, 25) January - Confidential place can be a little stressful, especially when you're trying to get excited about flogging crap - also, their small enough to be entertaining but large enough to be wankers - His Dark Materials pretty awesome, last episode somewhat disappointing in ways but the most crap bit is also the most amazing part and reconciliation is so difficult - a bit of a pop mahoganyu - at first, somebody else's pop with an impromptu gathering at the Barracks to watch entertainment that reminds me of my age (although the presence of "More Toilets" made me welcome my early sobriety - which didn't last very long at all and while I didn't reach the heights or depths of some it was awful enough crawling up at the crack of noon (the other noon) for the joys of responsibilities.  I don't know which one it is - it's either the Mrs Fields muffins which can be so sugary and delicious but occasionally are undercooked (salmonella, anyone?) or the cheapest Thai lunch in town (chilli pork belly for four dullahs) - both of them generally reliable but both so easily prone to random probes of food poisoning.  Suffered myself out of there with a little chagrin (but not much) - and prepared myself for an evening in when my own pop mahoganyu erupted on me - how was I to know that it was Robert Byrne's Night?  Nobody put it in my diary - another cultural tradition experienced and, more importantly, a new animal ... PJ kindly caught a haggis on Ben Nevis ... it was running around clockwise, as fast as its imbalanced legs could carry it when it was shocked into tumbling down the mountain into our waiting oven and maws.  The mystery is over - pretty much a big, fat sausage.  But I do like sausages.  Hurrah.  I'm probably going to regret it though.

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