Monday, 14 January 2008

Engagement Approaching Its Logical Conclusion

9 to 12 January - Keeping certain things up to date is proving to be suitably stressful at the moment.  Confidential world is alternately annoying and stressful will occasional enlightening moments but it seems to be a job at its basest levels and one is still wondering what one should be doing, far better to live the live of Wooster and have the most stressful things in life being extricating one's self from unfortunate marriages and trying to decide what kind of morning coat is most appropriate for luncheon.  Finally saw the television incarnation of the excellent Jeeves books and was pretty impressed with what was realised - can't imagine it really being done any better than it was.  Barbecue is getting decent use and my body is being pummelled with vast ingestions of meat - life of a carnivore at the moment and it's pretty intense.   It's also apparent that Mr Gray is definitely getting married before me, whether I caught the garter or not all those years ago - I definitely recall plucking out of his waiting hands but as to whether I punched him in the nose or not I really have to deny those charges most vehemently - that said, accusations said in the fuzz of the alcohol fuddled moment are typically not to be taken seriously.

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