Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Some New Firsts

26 to 30 January - After a bit more consideration than was probably necessary I fulfilled my half of a bargain sealed in bleach.  What I'd originally budgeted two hours to resulted in a marathon five hour session where I emptied the Guide's batteries and was forced to subsist on Who magazine - made for a fine disguise that took me into a night that involved excellent non stomach cramp inducing eating and very entertaining circus acts (which also unfortunately led to passionately heated fighting which indirectly led on to even more enthusiastic reconciliation) - rode around a bit to work off the excessive caloric intake and checked out some impressive ocean views - enjoyed the freedom from work and then the freedom of work (without oppressive supervision) and some incredibly adequate film adaptations.  Finally, after an approximate 20 year absence I returned to the golf course - didn't break any records but certainly didn't lose every hole - rather enjoyable but not nearly enough adrenalin to guarantee too much repeating.  I think I will need to get too the driving range again though.

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