Monday, 31 July 2006

Where are all the bananas?

Now this was not something I expected - had no warning about it at all. I first noticed something was amiss when I was in the Burra grocery store, we were picking up some bread for Auntie Di when I caught the price of bananas out of the corner of my eye. Bananas were $15 a kilo. I thought they may have been some exotic Jamaican plantains at first and mentioned it to my mother who gave me the sordid history of the evil typhoons who destroyed the Queensland banana crops (trees, plantations, whatever) with the result of no bananas for 2006. In Sydney I saw tiny green organic bananas that were 3 for $7 and at Bondi I saw them for $12 a kilo (at least its cheaper than SA). Now, in my last year in Sydney I was eating at least three bananas a day and in Vancouver on average about two (my morning breakfast of granola with yoghurt, a banana and a couple of strawberries is going to cost me a prince's ransom now). Have been unreliably informed that they'll be available in October or November but that is three or four months away - what's a boy to do???

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