Tuesday, 4 July 2006

Beware of the Lesbians

2 July - A new month dawned ... yesterday. Very hot day, couldn’t really muster up the energy to do anything terribly productive but headed down to Stanley Park to meet with Kristl and Becky, whose entire family (mostly from Nova Scotia) were in Vancouver, checking it out. Went for a bit of a bushwalk (not really bush, but I don’t really have anything else to call it) through the park and out to Second Beach. Had a little bit of a disaster when Kristl was looking through the pictures of Friday's critical mass on my little camera when it jumped out of her hands on a kamikaze dive to the ground. Long story short, it doesn’t seem to want to work anymore. Kristl was a little bit upset about it but there's not much you can do - it's under warranty but these things always happen at the worst times (is there ever a good time for tech-tech-technology to break?) - long weekend so nothing is open to get it checked out and near the tail end of my trip, the time when I want to be taking lots of pictures and also a time when I want to be able to get it sent back to me whilst i'm still in the country. After I got back to the house I maanged to get some online tech support and after 45m of being walked through a few of the most obvious tests, which i'd already done (take the battery out and put it back in again - hmm, I think that was the first thing I did) their conclusion was that it was a hardware issue and needed to be sorted out at the service centre (yes, pretty obvious that dropping a camera is going to be a hardwar issue - I don't think the impact reprogrammed its innards too much but you never know - maybe that's how Skynet became sentient, when someone spilled coffee into its terminal - worse science fiction tales have been wrought). Headed back over to Kristl's with a view of a bit of intoxication and revelry and we ended up on Davey St, first in the seedy Pumpjack then onto the glitzy Celebrities where it seemed to be dyke night. Lesbians, everywhere I looked they were there, scorning me with their pierced brows and unmascaraed eyes - I realised that it had been a long time since i'd actually been to a club club because half the songs i'd never heard (and some of them were pretty good) but there were still anthems from way back blaring out of the DJ box so didn't feel too out of place. Had fun but everything shuts down very early in Vancouver - which is actually not such a bad thng for me, because i'm a bit prone to that myself these days ..

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