Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Day Skipper

25 July - Slightly irritating neighbours on the flight but the flight was as average as could be expected ... First leg had the worst turbulence i've ever been through but i've never been through very bad shakes and this was hardly grip the seatrests and pray for dear life - more grip your wineglass so it doesn't spill. Felt pretty ill through most of the flight so couldn't really focus on the crappy teen cross dressing football movie who had the temerity to say that it was inspired by Shakespeare's 12th Night (oh, the bard would be rolling in his grave). I think I need a slight break from rambling about my life for a little bit. In any event, left on 23rd July and arrived on 25 July all in about 15 hours ... Where the fuck did that day go??? I don't remember gaining it on the way over - maybe I can use the boarding pass as a receipt when I die and get an extra day on earth (am also holding on to my Pirates of the Carribbean and Mission Impossible sequel ticket stubs in the hope that I’ll get a couple of hours in lieu) - well anyway, now that I i've hit the home shore should probably admit that there's a little bit of censorship has been exercised over these blatherings of the past year, including but not limited to:
- Details of sexual congress
- Cigarette smoking
- Bike crashes
- Cause of the fire at 1949 East 1st Avenue
I probably won't go into them now either but in any event I don't know who's still reading this thing but the travelogue is over (the blog will continue), go in peace.

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