Monday, 3 July 2006

A Day For Canadia

1 July - Apparently it's Canada Day today which is evidenced by the fact that maple leafs are being proudly displayed all over town. Basically, it's pretty much indisernible from any other day in Vancouver. There's more flag waving in this country (well, my limited observation of this country considering i've not seen much more than this city) than any i've ever seen - even on my trip through the states. Admittedly, going down Commercial Drive after the game you'd probably think you were in Portugal. Every second car was overflowing with people and Portugese flags, honking their horns, celebrating my second team's untimely departure from the World Cup. To give credit to those cars, a fair proportion of them were flying the maple leaf alongside the green and red. Well, that's England out as well, I don’t know who to support now ... maybe Germany? Breakfasted at White Spot, apparently a Canadian (or even a BC) institution - fairly decent but now that its done it won’t be needed to be done again.
Did a little window shopping for bicycles and rode back towards the Drive where I crossed paths with Jesse, a dodgy courier with Connection and we watched the tail end of the France Brazil game at one of the local pubs. Can’t say i'm too disappointed to see Brazil out after - however, don’t know too much about sport but watching the brazilians play is always a joy , they're so elegant with the ball. Comparing the French who just barrell through the opposition like cannon balls, in itself an effective and beautiful thing to watch, the Brazilians are like ballet dancers. Well, at least the drive was slightly more somber afterwards - the gallic fans aren't nearly as vocal as the hispanics (do portuguese count as hispanics?). Had heard there were going to be fireworks at Spanish Banks so headed out there in the evening with a beer or two but there was nothing to be had so watched the sunset and came back home again. Actually, a pretty boring day when it came down to it.

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