Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Fwd: Go West, Life Is Peaceful There

22 July - Me and Alex went to the Architectural Museum - a bit confusing as to what the museum actually contained although there was a superb 'Senses of the City' exhibition that showed various aspects of city living and design, very informative and ... yes, well, it was very informative. Realised we hadn't eaten anything all day - how could I have skipped breakfast - so went to a Vancouver style (well, at least according to Alex it was Vancouver style) cafĂ© for oeufs and crepes then realised that it was nearing the time for me to make a move.  Alex carried one of my bags so we rode down to the Mont Royal metro and managed to negotiate my way to Berri UQAM wthout too much trouble.  The driver of the shuttle bus was a grumpy little Qubecois (same guy who drove me from the airport upon arrival) who told me that there was no room for Celeste on the bus but there'd be another going in 25m.  The second driver to arrive was initially a little scepical about me bringing a velo (short for velocipede perhaps?) on the shuttle but relented without too much trouble.  Despite thinking i'd given myself way too much time to get to the airport I was checked in only 30m before boarding time (didnt charge me extra for Celeste this time which was a bit of a bonus - still couldn't get the f**king peddles off the cranks though (prerequisite for putting a bike on the plane) - they're torqued to hell) and I was saying goodbye to this part of Canadia before I knew it.  Definitely would have liked to have stayed a ways longer in Montreal - did a fair amount of the tourist thing but would be a great place to live - very bike friendly (although it's got the worst quality roads i've ever seen - according to the architecture museum it's because of the salt and snow in winter and the fact that it doesn't have a ring road surrounding it forcingal the giant trucks to go right through the city) - have never seen so many vintage road bikes (peugots, bianchis, velos - very few of them fixed though) in all my life and also never seen so many people commuting on rollerblades (that's just weird), amazing nightlife and more than its share of museums for high brow culture.  Well, i'll certainly be back some day.  Plane trip was pretty much like all plane trips - going back in time so arrived two hous after I left despite it being a 5hr flight then had to wait aways for Celeste and my other baggage to come through.  Took a fair amount of time t oget back to the southside to kristl's place.  Wanted to have a reasonably special night and ended up down at spanish banks with Jolene, kristl and becky having a few relaxing pivos under the stars - was pretty sketchy getting to the beach itself as we rode down there in virtual pitch blackness over rough paths and streets, the only light comingfrom the occasional oncoming car or cyclist with blinding high beams on - getting back was far more pleasant though.  Spent the night in very close proximity to a pitbull who doesn't like me very much who had apparently been sprayed by a skunk the previous day.  Good thing I had a cold because I couldn't smell anythingfor the life of me.  In any event, that didn't distract from the main activities of the night - not much chance of me forgetting Vancouver or leaving with unhappy memories after that.

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