Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Fwd: RIP 313

14 July - Well, that's it - there is no more Biker 313 from Novex.  The previous day and night's excessive riding made me a bit worse for wear throughout the day but it was another pretty cruisy day - did a couple of SHTs, picked up a bag of ECOs and dropped them off, did some more regs and SHTs, had some lunch, started picking up ECOs.  Easy.  It hasn't really sunken in that I won't be working in downtown Vancouver anymore - after we finished and i'd handed off my radio and blackberry to the driver a few of us rode down through the traffic to World Park (the temporary courier hangout until the heat drops down at the art gallery) and I felt a bit nervous riding through the traffic - I no longer have the invisible cloak of protection that couriers have - now i'm just a commuter.  Oh well, all good things.  Still a bit exhausted from the lack of sleep over the past few days and planned to crash early but rode down to Kitsilano Beach with a new acquaintance, Joline (ex courier and now fixed gear enthusiast and espresso queen), for a few pivos in the evening (extremely saddle sore from the past few days but my riding should diminish a bit now so I can handle a little bit more rash before an extended recuperation) - the latest little drought has ended so enjoying the wet for a while (reminds me what Vancouver all about really) - ah, vancouver ...

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