Wednesday, 5 July 2006

Bored On The Fourth Of July

4 July - Well, maybe not bored, but I was hoping that I would be so I could use this title. Took me a ways to get moving in the morning - a few picks and drops at places that weren't open, started the day out at the UPS depot on Nelson so I could also send my camera out to the repair centre (i remember reading in 'The World Is Flat' how the brown shorted boys from UPS have become a logistics company - how amazing, what would be far more sensible would be for companies like HP to partner with local repair shops so they could get fixed on the spot if they're under warranty but that would be far too convenient for the consumer) - hopefully it won’t be too long before I get it back - first half of the day became pretty hectic, was completely overloaded a few times, sometimes with SHTs which was pretty nice but in the afternoon I became ECO boy - going all over town picking up the overnight deliveries - half of them mislabelled (oh yes, 1 item 1 pound, you lying harpy!!!) and gradually filling up my big Chrome bag with far too much stuff for a mortal man to carry. Had a brief meeting with my bank in the afternoon - starting to organise the bits and pieces for my departure, don't want to do it but it's gotta be done. Met up with Kim afterwards and was about to shut off when Scott beamed me four SHTs from Lawson Lundell, our most important client, which he'd obviously been sitting on for about 15m (there's a 20m timeframe for us to pick and drop them in) and found myself riding to four different places - all but one of them all closed for the day, meant not finishing until 6pm, which is about as late as it gets for someone in my job - 10 hours of bikingaround with no break, not even a coffee or a slurpee in the afternoon, can be a bit much for even the most determined courier. Still, very nice weather and had a few opportunities to chat with some of the others - Zeb, from Flash, bitched about his result at Sunday's Cypress Mountain Climb (he only got second, or as he put it, he was the first loser), Jeff from Dynamex criticised me for watching the world cup instead of the tour d'france (REAL athletes DO use drugs!) and one of the Corporate guys gave me a lecture on Wayne Rooney's disgraceful performance on Saturday morning's game (i think he thinks that i'm english). Very tired at the end of the day so bought some Thai food from around the corner and got a DVD - got to enjoy this while it lasts ...

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