Thursday, 13 July 2006


11 July - What a f**ked up day! From the very beginning when I went to the 925 coffeeshop instead of the 885 coffeeshop (the morning girl at 885, Emilie, is just sour to deal with at 7:50am and her café lattes leave much to be desired) - I've been asking the girl for a small café latte, skim milk and no foam and i've been getting a 12oz cup - far too much for one sitting - I asked the girl if they had anything smaller than the one I usually got - pointing at the cups she was using - she replied in the negative, but as she handed my coffee over she said, 'oh, unless you mean the mini' and pulled out a far more respectably sized 8ozer. Well, what the f**k did you think I meant when I said 'smaller'??? Whilst doing a few morning trips I bumped intp a wall and hit my radio clip and it was then that I realised i'd lost my radio. Backtracked to every place i'd been in doublequick time before bumping into Legs who told me that my radio was back at 885 - raced down there, it wasn't. Presumed it had been picked up by another Novex guy and got rid of a few more before rendesvousing with Duncan for the ECO bags and luckily, my radio. Early on, I dropped a trip at the wrong place (right company, wrong building - I blame desperately needing to go to the toilet for distracting me) and as I was routed away from the original place itook me ages before I could go and pick it up to take it to the right place - it was where I left it and, as luck would have it, sitting next to another trip to accompany it to its proper home. However, when I went to drop it off in the middle of a HOT little run, I found it had disappeared again. Couldn’t find it anywhere. Went to every place i'd been at breakneck pace but it wasn’t anywhere - fessed up the dispatcher who called the client to break them the bad news only to find that it had been delivered. Later on I found out that it had dropped out of my bag into the lobby of the mailroom when i'd pulled out its partner. Still, far too much stress for my last week. Also fell on my bike, I was stationary, just tripped and collapsed on top of it - twisted the seat but that was easily fixed but also not needed at that tme of the day. More ecos in the afternoon - half of them mislabelled by treacherous receptionists who will be the first on the wall when the revolution comes. Remember, that's the same as stealing from me. Had to deposit a bunch of the heavier ones at the 885 coffeeshop (and that costs me a packet of candy every time)Radio played up in the afternoon but at least 7-11 was celebratingtheir 79th birthday or something and were givingaway free little slurpees all day - I drank far too much pop that day. Heather, one of the more alcoholic couriers, wsa given a $115 ticket for drinking at the art gallery - apparently a 'skanky ho' (her words) from 925 has been calling the police every day complaining about the couriers drinking in the art gallery (all public imbibing is illegain BC - not necessarily enforced but very puritanical laws in effect down here). Said my goodbye to kim, the driver who meets us after work - he's probably going on holiday tomorrow and I won't be seeing him again - a capital fellow, and one that will be sorely missed. It's all coming to a head now - - don't want to get too emotional but am starting to realise that this little adventure is coming to a bit ofa close.

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