Thursday, 20 July 2006

Goodbye 1949

16 july - Well, thank f**k for that - I am no longer a resident of 1949 East 1st Avenue - did have some good times in that house but it was reallystartingto get to me in the end (and the hole in the wall from the fireman's antics was also a bit of an annoyance). It's amazing how much crap one can accumulate in a year and I like to think i'm pretty good at keepingthe possessions down to a minimum when I have to. Kristl and Becky brought Becky's work truck around to help me take it over to K's house - an absolutely gigantic ford pickup being driven by two tiny little girls (5'6 and 5'2') - I was amazed that either could actually look over the dashboard. Managed to do it all in one load includingthe bike which was great because it means I never have to set foot in that hovel again (i'm not bitter, really i'm not). Had a nice breakfast with the girls and Becky's sister and b-I-l then wandered off to try to find a Safeway where I could change my large collection of pennies into cash but every one from McDonald to Commercial either didn’t have one or the machine was broken so I ended up carryinga kilo of pennies around all day. Looked for a place where I could get my camera SD card burned to CD but all the big places charge by the number of photos (oh, Kodak tries to make more money by having a maximum of 120 photos per CD - well, it's not working with me because i'm not going to f**king use Kodak then) and eventually scored a solution at Office Works. Had a very nice Mexican dinner with brenda, one of the first people who I met when I arrived in vancouver and then rode back over to the drive where I had what is possibly my last JJ Beans coffee and muffin. Was invited to go out to 'Numbers' on Davey St with Jolene and a couple of the other coffee jockeys - Sunday night is karaoke night and whilst I never got drunk enough to sing myself it was suitably amusing to watch those who were.

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