Saturday, 8 July 2006

Bitter Juice

6 July - Rode downtown, went to lock my bike up and realised that I did not have my key around me wrist. Contemplated heading over to Simon's to borrow a lock and key from him, which i've done once before, but that would mean carrying around two locks all day and two locks is one lock too many. Had a coffee and then shrugged and rode back home again to fetch it - 15km is not that far a ride but doing it at that time in the morning when it's not for money but just because I was forgetful isn't the most fun thing in world. Did trips over the radio for a little while before my new Blackberry arrived with an ECO bag for me - took a little while to get used to the Blackberry - i've been upgraded to one of the newer models (i wonder what i'll get if I drop THIS one???), colour screen, more applications and a slightly different configuration for the Courier Complete app - but didn't take too long to get comfortable - then, a couple of hours into the day I started getting messages saying that the battery was too low to connect to the network - f**king idiots in the office didn't charge it up. Told the dispatcher that he better get ready to do some 80s stylin again and he told me to use the spare battery that i'd been given. Well, maybe the office isn’t as incompetent as I surmised. Another afternoon of picking up ECOs, for the most part they were just envelopes although near the end of the day when I picked up the 401 Georgia treasure trove (23 ECOs from one pick!) there was also a 10lb block which didn’t sit very nicely in my bag - managed to leave it with Maria at the coffeeshop for the afternoon while I carried on (got to be carful not to overcapitalise on her hospitality but picked up some cigarettes for her earlier in the day so I think i'm on her good side) while I carried on. Finished off the day with a little bit of a rusharound downtown dropping off a media alert from one of the big law firms to a bunch of newspapers and television stations - don’t know what was in it but will be googling James Hoggin tomorrow to see what it was all about. Another pretty huge payday - was a bit pissed off at scott, the evening dispatcher, who is impossble to get a hold of when he's needed, blurted my total out over the radio when another one one of the couriers was present - I can hardly be ashamed of getting more money than my coworkers but when it's almost double it doesn't seem fair. But then again, ii'm the longest serving biker at Novex (which is kind of bizarre considering how short this particular career stint has been) and I did work through the winter and some pretty brutal days - from both weather and work (super busy or super slow) - so if anyone is entitled to the juice it's probably me. And there's no way i'd be happy if they gave it to one of the bikers instead of me so no more complaining. Watched a bit of the Tour on television in the evening - ireally can be kind of interesting at times but a fair part of it is just watching them ride across pretty scenery - I don't see myself getting too far sucked in bthis particular sporting event.

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