Monday, 10 July 2006


7 July - A strange work day - had more power issues with my supposedly brand new equipment - despite leaving both radio and blackberry charging all night the blackberry lost network connectivity around noon and I had a bit more 80s styling while I waited for a replacement to be sent down to me (lo and behold by the end of the day the replacement battery (third one i've had) was running low again. Also, had radio issues throughout the day as well - the device kept on losing contact with the SIM card so for short periods throughout the day I was completely cut off from the dispatcher - the battery was also running low throughout the day as well but lasted until the very end of the day - I was speaking to Scott, the afternoon dispatcher, and closing off for the day when the radio completely went. He ended up calling me on my phone to let me know about a final SHT. As I rode off my rear axle slipped out of the dropouts and I had to borrow Duncan's road bike to get me there - very nice bike but kind of hard to ride with the free wheel (rather than fixed) and the brakes locatetd right down in handlebar drops. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth and being patronised by Scott it turned out to be a no-load anyway. Another one of the weird ECO days though - picked up a bag in the morning and got rid of about 20 and picked up 38 in the afternoon - mostly all envelopes but a couple of big ones that I stashed away at the 885 coffeeshop with Maria (after bribing her with candy). I reallycant complain about this - the money for the ECO work is a lot better than the point-to-point if the volumes ar high enough and its a lot easier (unless the weight piles up too much) but it's not really messengering. Still, not too much longer to go and doing the ECO runs is presumably rewarded to the person who has earned it. All in all, lots of sitting around - did drop a red rose to one of the Phantm courier's girlfriends for their anniversary (he bought a dozen and got twelve different couriers to deliver them throughout the day - what a sweetie). After work had some beer at the gallery and then went down to Crab Park for another beer then wandered over to Emery's house for another one on the porch. Only four drinks throughout the evening but enough to almost knock me senseless. My capacity for strong drink has diminished somewhat over the year - can't be a bad thing but its making me a bit of a lightweight, especially amongst my current crowd.

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