Monday, 10 April 2006

Yo-sammity Sax

8 April - San Fracisco was very enjpyable but after a having a bit of achat with one of my cohostelliers over a map of the USA I started to get a queasy feeling in my stomach when I once again realised how big the USA actually is. So, today it was time to move on again. I checked out of the hostel and relocated all my gear to Rocicante but didn’t have to move him until three so me and Mark, the Australian PHD guy headed down to the markets to see what there was to be seen. I've got my doubts about Mark, i'm not 100% certain but I believe that he is actually Hugh Jackman who is travelling around incognito - possibly trying to get deep into the persona of a PHD student in order to be able to get into the role for a future fillum or so. Afew things about his tory seem kind of doubtful - he's way too cherful to be a student in my view, and also seems to be far too successful as well. Super nice guy, apparently pretty smart (i presume youhave to be be able to do a PHD), incredibly successful family (apparently his brother just got a half million pound bonus at his job), really good looking (if you think that Hugh jackman is good looking - a photo will follow one of these days) - I hate him. We had some luncheon and a beer at Union squar before he headed back to the hostel and I headed out to the car and out of san francisco. Despite Somehow managed to negotiate the labyrinth of the city to get onto the I80 freeway and over the bay bridge and onto the 580 heading east out of the city. My map is not incredibly detailed and I was not completely sure that I was taking the right route to my next destination. Got off the 580 at one stage to refill the car at one of the most frustrating gas stations i've ever been to. Firsti took me about five minutes before realised that you had to prepay for the fuel and when I finally managed to do that (obviously prepaying means you can’t just fill up the car) it turned out that they'd loaded up the wrong pump and the incompetent attendant started to give me bizarre instructions to go and speak to the driver of a completely random pump to stop fuelling up his car before his supervisor interrupted and sorted it out. Somehow when I tried to get back onto the freeway it had given itself another number (Universe without a J!!!) but eventually saw a sign leading me onto Route 120 and into Yosemite Nationl Park (pronounced like vegemite). I'm certainly not the most prepard traveller because I just drove into the park without organising accommodation or food (besides the staples in the esky) and by the time I got there around six everything was closed. Afriendly ranger told me I could just park in the campsite and sort it out in the morning but as it is i'm in a pretty reasonable site, think I may have sorted out a semi-comfortable way to sleep in the sebring and I should be able to get a decent bit of a look around the park on the morrow.

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