Tuesday, 4 April 2006

Bike Wars?

1 April - Dr D always seems to be running ahead of schedule. Yesterday I got a call from the surigcal centre telling me that my appointment was brought forward due to vacancy, this morning I got another call telling me that he was running fast and could I come in early. When I actually had the surgery I was called at noon asking if I could come in straight away, three hours early, making the apple juice I’d consumed at 9 a concern (i'd drunk it at 9am in order to have the 6 hour window for the op at 3). In any event, everythingseems to be going well for Charlie the Cast. The swelling seems to have gone down and there's nothing to be done for another five weeks until it comes off. I've also been assured by Dr D that I will be able to play the piano after the cast comes off, which is excellent as I wasn't able to before (very witty m'lud). Did some window shopping for a while before heading down to Strathcona Park to witnes some ill conceived bike wars. Its kind of like a smash em up car rally but with all of the participants on bicycles. The rain seemed to have scared most of the participants off so a few other comps were lazily organised but the rain wasstarting to seep into Charlie's skin so it wasn’t long before I I was scared off too. Did some reading of books and watching of television and discussed the virtues of going out but this did not result in me going out.

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