Tuesday, 4 April 2006


2 April - Daylight savings has ended, hurrahQ It doesn't get dark until 8pm now but it does mean that I have to get up an hour earlier. There ar definite advantages to not working although they can’t be fully realised on a Sunday, which today was. Thought i'd relax my boycott of Fets to see if they still had waitresses who don't like me and pancakes that do. Right on both counts.
Finished Enduring Love by Ian McEwen which was also an excellent movie with the shaggy guy from Notting Hill and the smooth guy from the new Casion Royale (well, hed better be smooth if he wants to beat international criminals and bed an comically named lady of mystery) - an intriguing thriller and scientifc mystery both on paper and on film. The rain had gone away so I headed out to do some errands (spacing them out so I can stay occupied during the day) which involved a lot of walking. I hate using public transport and I forget how quickly being on a bicycle can get me around - a lot of things that were all 'close' are now very very far and although I prefer to walk to moderately offset the lack of exercise i'm getting during the recuperation i'm getting very annoyed with the amount of time it takes to get anywhere.

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