Sunday, 9 April 2006

Where's Cisco?

6 April - Just east of San Fran. These headlines ar going to write themselves. Crashed out a camping ground in my little vehicle. An RV it ain't, I alternated several times between the front passenger seat and the back seat - both of them ridiculously undersized for a colossus such as myself. I'm not sure if I can tolerate another night in the car which is a pity because I was hoping to offset a little bit of the cost by using the veeheecle as a makeshift hostel. The camp sites ar all dominated by gigantic recreational vehicles, a lot of them the size of coach. As an alternative to a house I suppose its a valid lifestyle choice, they must truly burn fuel like a motherf**ker but I would guess that they're pretty efficient in other areas. I'm sure i'll come across many more of these over the next few weeks so i'm not quite sure of what my opinion is of these behemoths of the road yet. Another very long day of driving down the coast. Apart from stopping, reviving and surviving at a few places on the way I zoomed down through Oregon and into California. Took a few small detours through a couple of giant redwood lined scenic routes which were pretty amazing but after a while when you've seen one giant tree you've seen 'em all. Bought a hamburger from Carls Jr which managed to jump out of my hand, unwrap itself in mid-air and splatter itself on the ground but it was replaced with little fuss (after eating the replacement I felt that it may have been improved with some of the floor's extra flavour though). Went through a tunnel and on the other side I found myself staring down the Golden Gate Bridge - i've flown under it, over it and into it on many occasions on many different flight simulators but this is the first time i've driven across it and it was pretty impressive. Once iwas over the bridge I found myself in one of the most alien cities 've ever come across. My first impression of San francisco was that it's completely overhwleming. It took a while to find a hostel that had a vacancy and a very harrowing drive through the incredibly steep maze of one way streets to get to it. Ine thing i've decided on is that the car chase scene with a Hummer and a Ferrari from The rock would be absolutely impossible. Like most hostels, it's smack in the middle of one of the dingiest areas in the city but it was an incredible relief to get out of the car and I am sorely in need of a shower (sleeping in a real bed after almost 36 hours straight in the car will be very welcome as well). Put the car in an overnight parking lot and ate something from jack In the box, a dodgy fast food chain whose TV ads seem to be aimed exclusively at stoners. It was pretty late by this stage so I didn’t get out to do any exploring but met some interesting people at the hostel and also found a paper edition of The Onion, something i've only ever been able to experience in its online form. Tomorrow will be my first day to properly experience a US city so I want to try and mke the most of it. Have a gnawing feelig that this trip is going to be very expensive but i've told myself that its going to be a long time before i'm back in this neck of the woods so I should probably just try to hold back on buying gold plated toilet seats and hope for the best.

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