Monday, 24 April 2006

I've got Georgia on my mind ... And Missisissippi ... And Alabama ..???. And South Carolina ...

22 April - Later start than planned because of the previous night's festivities but struggled to get out of the hostel and had my last southern breakfast before driving Gerry, a very enthusiastic young Melbournian to the airport and then getting on the I10 West before I realised I was supposed to be heading east. My destination was Ashville in South Carolina but it soon became apparent that it wasn’t going to happen. Went Still managed to get through four states in one day though - left Louisiana after an hour or so and had a brief stint in Mississippi where I was sorely tempted to check out a free NASA tour but managed to keep on moving and then onto Alabama where I stopped for a lunch that left much to be desired. Felt very uneasy travelling through all those states and cities where so much of american history was made but they'll be there for a while and i'll definitely be coming back to this country one day to get a better look at all of the places i've missed or only skimmed. Saw a couple of smashed cars on the interstate which didn’t do much for my peace of mind but the heavy presence of state troopers did. I really don’t like how they set speed limits over here - injust about every state i've been in the maximum interstate speed is usually 70mph but the traffic moves at around 80 - i've coasted bhind a stat ttrooper for about five miles going 10m over the limit (along with all the other traffic including him). It would be much better if they just increased the limit and enforced it. That way I wouldn’t have the nasty feeling of doing somenthing wrong when i'm doingwhat everybody else is doing). Went through another timezone somewhere alongthe way wich meant hittingAtlanta around 9pm - felt very sore and very dirty from the driving so looked up the local hostel and headed there. There is aquite a bit to see in atlanta but there's also a lot of other things to see in this country so I don’t think i'll stay around too long. The crazy Japanese guy who’s in my room is heading to see the Coke HQ in the morning but i've got a schedule to keep and i'll always have better things to do than visit the modern relics of corpamerica.

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