Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Counting The Day

3 April - Called WCB on the pretext of giving them an updat on Saturday'S appointment with Dr D but really to remind them that I was supposed to have received my salary protection in the mail the previous week. All seems to be in order according to my case worker. I went to the Black Dog video store to return 'A Sound of Thunder'. While there I asked for a refund of the cost of the movie, failing that, I would be content with them giving me those two hours of my life back. Got some interesting photos and vdeo of Bob, a little local guy who likes to do BMX tricks on the freshly laid concrete, no doubt trying to find a wet patch where he can leave his mark for posterity. I wandered into downtown where I had a coffee with Victoria, my favourite security guard from 510 Burrard and like a moth drawn to the flame I found myself at the art gallery sharing a pivo with a couple of the couriers. Me and Ozzie Marcus headed out to Kitsalano to eat sandwiches and drink more beer woth Chris (the other courier who went to Whistla wiv us) and despite the attraction of the Canucks game on the television I found myself dodging raindrops (at least trying to keep them off charley) home because i've got a big day tomorrow.

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