Saturday, 29 April 2006

Capital of the country to the capital of the world???

26 April - Despite searching all of the visitors websites and speaking to various groups for the past few days I still had absolutely no idea of what I was going to do with the car once I arrived at my next destination. Washington was one of the most nightmarish driving scenarios i'd ever experienced and I could only dread what New York was going to be like. The phone at the hostel could only dial local numbers and I couldn’t use the two payphones at the local 7-11. I asked the prissy little f**kwit from the hostel if I could use the office phone and offered to pay him, explaining my plight but the c**t just said 'nobody uses this phone but office' and stood up and put the phone in his pocket to make the point. I probsably didn’t help my chances of getting him to change his mind by telling him to go f**k himself but he didn’t look like he was going to change his mind nyway. Drove out of Washington very apprehensive about how I as going to deal with the upcoming city and this wasn’t helped by the multitude of tolls that came up along the way but eventually spoke to a toa welcome centre lady whilst on the New Jersey turnpike who told me to park in newark and I could get train from there. Not sure if I did the most economical thing but found a 24hr parking lot that’s a bit expensive but definitely better than parking in Manhattan. Not too much trouble getting into town to check into the hostelwhere I dumped my bag and strolled off downtown to see what the city would offer me. First impression is that it's very overtwhelming but great to see all of the places I’ve only ever seen on tv or in the movies - but soon I realised that it was just a city, it certainly thinks of itself as THE city but great to be here nonetheless. Met a few couriers whilst walkingteh streets who were pretty friendly for the most part, certainly better than those san franciscans. Walked about 2oo blocksbefore deciding to get the subway back to the hostel where I met a nice young wa guy (he's moving to london next week wherhe plans to sell his body for medical research including getting a surgery student to cut off his pinky toe and reattach it - ahh, to be young and poor again!!!) who invited me out with four swedish girls (???) - didn’t make it out until about 1 o'clock when we went to a bar in grenitch village (spelled greenwich) okay night out, girls were wa bit alcoholic, headed back to hostel around 4 to find that someone had stolen my bed and my pillow and blanket - bit of a creepy hostel, too many old transients who are probably just out of jail (seriously) but what ar you going to do?

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