Monday, 3 March 2008

One of those guys ...

1 to 2 March - Errands and tasks took up much of the evening - there may have been some recovery required at times but nothing too challenging - first Moonlight Cinema (okay venue, okay movie) and faced the challenges of managing the peeps in my life ... my spelling and thought processes seem a little scattered these days ... After 20 years of heading to the fambly visiting the grassy knolls of Apple Tree Bay (and no, I don't recall ever seeing any apples down there) I finally found myself being one of those guys - the stalwarts who ride up the big hill (ooh, I wouldn't want to be on of those guys ... Well, I did want to be one of those guys! And now I am ...) - all in all, not the nastiest hill in the world but certainly a challenge to anyone riding it brakeless and on a recently rained upon serfas.  Hey, I've done Wales so I can handle Bobbin Head.  The endurance continued with tolerance of family but I'm getting better at that although to be denied my lifelong dream of going to the cricket was not the best way to cap off the evening.  I did get some solace so I won't complain too loudly.  This time.

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