Sunday, 2 March 2008

It Comes But Once An Olympiad

25 - 29 February - That's the last time I offer to make a cup of tea for a special guest - those Madura tea bags don't grow on trees - they have to be shipped especially by immortal messenger from two specialised kitchens from the east and occasionally from the north.  I could just see it sitting there in front of the ungrateful bastard as it's heat and magical improbability properties ebbed away.  But what is one to do about that?  All things considering it was probably the least stressful aspect of the confidential world but it's one of the few that's allowed to be shared.  Flitting back and forth between the two worlds - it all became a bit of a blur - at least I have a new phone to organise my life with (although it must be said I'm sure I'll spend far more time f**king around with it than it will save me time (??? does this make sense?  not really, does it matter?) - life toddles on - despite being taken out for a slap up dinner followed by Ultimate Sex whiskey (the only one from the Isle of Juno) I was bafflingly not proposed to, but perhaps that's more about me, maybe next Leap Day.   And we paid $200 for that tripe, what's all that about?

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