Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The Next Generation

To the 24th March - Hail To The Christian's God for Two Days Off!  What better way to spend a long weekend than taking a new generation to the shallow north of South Australia (an oxymoron but a decent description) - despite some  planning stresses we found ourselves on our Virgin flight in nasty side of the AM - arrived at the same time as most of the Sydney contingent of the Australian Cycle Messengers who were in town for their championship (ie weekend of drinking and getting up to no good) and was tempted but realised that the only riding I'd be doing on that weekend would be on a horse.  Despite leaving the velocipedes on ice for the weekend wasn't TOO environmentally destructive with our vehicle being a hybridised blend of lectric and petroleum fuel - and when there it's divided amongst four it's probably not such a bad thing.  Arrived in old Burra - braved the awful winds on horse back (it must be said that it wasn't the horses speed that contributed to the wind rushing past my delicate ears), tried to entertain the little folk and caught up with the relatives alive and dead.  Lovely little part of the world - a little dry but it must be visited.  Having relatives in various parts of the world has its advantages - on the one hand you've usually got someone to show you around and even accommodate you at times but it also has the flip side that means that when you are in that part of the world you're obliged to be there and it can take the attention away from its neighbouring provinces and it's often hard to leave.  Maybe next time. 

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