Wednesday, 12 March 2008


8 to 12 March - So many birthdays so little time - after eating far too much on a Friday evening (was forced to finish off someone else's meal like the garbage disposal unit that I've been nominated as (no longer a member of the immortals and the appetite is greatly diminished) did errands in the AM followed by a succession of birthdays.  Green Dog's in the park where beer was consumed followed by a dinner which was surprisingly in the honour of my birthday (and I'm still quite unaware as to why I failed to pick up on the signs - although it must be said that it's about f**king time that someone organised one of those for me) followed by the dual birthday of Oscar and Angel (who very kindly swapped birthdays with me this year in order for the 'place to be' next week that much more special). Far too much consumption on that day and the digestive stress was extended for days beyond - before I could fully absorb one meal I had another one forced on me with an actual birthday lunch at some over policed venue in the depths of north east suburbia which was followed by more flesh of the mammalian brethren on the Monday and another fambly birthday dinner on the Tuesday (with it's own mawkish milestones attached) followed by the boss's sugar enriched version of the celebration on the Wednesday.  Something has to give.  And I'm slipping.
Should I be surprised that the NSW Corporate Games are so f**king bureaucratic - at this stage disqualification is looking and more likely and it's all because they're a bunch of letter of the law process following wankers.  If I go to this thing @ 730am after my f**king birthday party and we don't compete I am going to f**king kill someone.  You read it here.

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