Monday, 16 June 2008

Evenish Stevenish

The lure of gambling is supposed to come from the thrill of winning big when there's a risk of losing big so how come I always seem to come up average whenever I play poker?  The latest game had the rather average result of nobody losing a huge amount and nobody really cleaning up either.  In fact, in this latest game, the only one who really lost was the one who seemed to have all the magic tricks with the cards.  Still, I'm not going to complain about the fact that I didn't lose my shirt.  Other entertainments included watching various installments in various blockbuster franchises ...  Prince Caspian was particularly disappointing although I was rather surprised at how accurate the film was to the book when I wiki'd the story afterwards - on the other hand, I felt it was difficult to divorce the merits of the infamous franchise 'reboot' of 'The Incredible Hulk' from the insults being laden upon its predecessor.  Every time I watch Ang Lee's heart breakingly beautiful flop I seem to like it more.  Whoever could call it an insult to the true fans is obviously missing the point.  Watching Superbikes is not the best way to spend a Sunday evening but it helps if you've got Australia's leading authority on hand to tell you what the f**k is going on.  Long fixie rides are a great way to ride off the booze as well.

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