Thursday, 26 June 2008

Ban The Cyclists?

Bless his idiotic and misguided soul ...  Where to start?  Yes, Sydney is a bit hillier than Amsterdam or Copenhagen (in fact, I've even heard the San Franciscan couriers compare it unfavourably to their own city in terms of the inclines) but come on, after a few weeks of riding, it becomes second nature to even the chunkiest commuter.  Sydney is not a bike friendly city but that's due to the nature of the relationship between cyclists and drivers - the testosterone inflamed rages that result in cyclists attacking cars and vice versa are only going to reduce if the infrastructure is built to accommodate the bikes that will get these two competing forces out of each others way.  Even if this happens there will be cyclists riding in traffic but they will hopefully be the ones who know how to do it.  Cycling to work is good for the cyclist's health, good for the environment and better for the roads.  There is a global movement to move towards a less impacting lifestyle - this is part of it.  Accept it.

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