Sunday, 1 June 2008

And On The 7th Day He Rested

After a weekend that started with excessive consumption at a dinner party (kids and Elton John with a lot of serving platters - so the sands of the hourglass pass as by) followed by a not necessarily awful night seeing The Necks for the second time (am sure they have been mentioned some time previously on this blog so I should have been prepared) ... I'd been dragged to a Sydney Festival free jazz (not as in you don't have to pay for it, good God) event that in previous years by my ladyfriend (during our courting period) and had vowed never to allow her to choose another musical event again when what happens over a year later? As we walk in I'm told that it could be something similar to what I'd been subjected to in days past; as we sat down I thought to myself that the instruments were somewhat familiar and when the musicians walked out I realised I was seeing the same f**kin' band and they played the same f**kin' music although it wasn't as painful this time (with some alcohol to dull the pain) - but dulling the pain was not what I should have been doing that night because at the crack of 10am I was finding myself doing the Great Nosh again, four years after my last attempt. The 15k run was remembered as one of the most exhilirating fun runs I've ever had the pleasure to do - although then I was in my running hey day and 15 clicks when I was used to doing a hundred in a week (?) was nothing - for a boy who doesn't run anymore it was somewhat different. My ankles were rolling at every step, orthotic inserts were blistering my soles and I was stumbling and burning with every knee jarring step. The last five k's, were awful, the last 2 even worse - never have I found myself being overtaken so often near the end of a race - wheezed in over the finishing line and onto my knees and gagged out bile for five minutes. Well, at least I beat my cousin, who's getting into a fitness blitz, and I even, amazingly, beat my previous time (from a 4 years younger, seriously more dedicated runner) by a full 33 seconds. That's pretty awesome I think.

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