Sunday, 8 June 2008

Blinded By The Sink

Despite wasting my first sick day since taking on my latest career development on a day when I was actually just in the preludes of the acute viral nasopharyngitis I took it upon myself to not exactly be completely productive in the absence - in the end felt a hell of a lot worse when I actually returned to say goodbye to my favourite marketing manager ...  did work on my valuable looking skills and tore through no less than six movies in two days (a couple of half decent Sydney Film Festival ones as well - nothing I'll be writing home about just as this point although I have to say I do like Sam Rockwell's work).  The housewarming for Chez 2021 was always going to be a bit of a struggle considering both of the key players were suffering from aforementioned viral infections but I've always been one for pushing through - fairly interesting mix of people - probably shouldn't have headed out to the "night club" afterwards where I was reminded of how old I am and how far I've come - the anthropologist in me kept on breaking down the other patrons into their various subgroups (guy looking to get laid; guy looking to get smashed; girl trying to make boyfriend jealous by dancing suggestively towards other man; etc etc) - upon escaping Kings Cross I found I'd left my voice behind and woke up to what could possibly be the worst hangover I've had to endure for eons.  Not just a vodka/vermouth/beer/tobacco headache but loaded with lack of sleep and phlegm filling up every spare space in my skull - to top it off I'd flushed a contact lens down the sink (but I did get it back).  Good thing I've got someone to take care of me when I get ill.  I think I'll have to do it more often.

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