Saturday, 10 May 2008

The Food Wars Commence

Well, nowt of any excitement for quite some time on my front although the procedures of growing up are continuing apace and the oft muttered platitude that freedom is never free has never quite seemed to real. The confidentials are still going with small victories and potentially valuable HR things but I'm really hesitant about the value of freebase sculptures between 9-5. Potentially the last of the famous BBQs at Chez 2021 was a relative success - I shall miss this place and I don't envy the replacement company if Herr Jacob is anything to go by - overeducated, over-achieving, probably exaggerating toffs are not my idea the ideal person to share a roof with but that is just me.
Puck's speed is proving to be quite enviable - if only he could get a friend to take him somewhere. Still, have burned off one night's worth of calories - let's hope it's enough for a second night of mass consumption of animal product.
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