Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Cherry Crowns

Do you remember Cherry Crowns?  I remember Cherry Crowns ... was it the best biscuit the good bakers at Arnott's ever produced?  Can't be certain of that due to the haze of years between now and the dreaded date when they were taken off the market.  Biscuit base (did it have coconut in it?), a thin layer of cherry jam (or was it raspberry), pink marshmallow (nobody knows what flavour 'pink' is) immersed in a dark chocolate shell.  If a company takes a product off the market are they entitled to the intellectual property of that product?  I think not.  If Arnott's refuses to re-release this biscuit back into my belly then I will be forced to take drastic action and will have to recreate this piece of confectionery from scratch.

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