Monday, 19 May 2008

All Grown Up

As I started a weekend with the symbolic growing up of another ... the iconic Pretty Boy of London Sydney fame is shuffling off the immortal coil and moving into a more domesticated arrangement somewhere south of Sydney.  Whilst I wasn't too keen to participate in his send off race me and a few of the checkpoints had a very fast and occasionally sketchy ride back to the end where I proceeded to drink far more than is good for me - was escorted back to Woollahra for the Last Night of Freedom™ that had a few more visitors than was preferable for an early morning trucking and moving journey.  Took another withdrawal from the Moving Karma Pool™ and gathered up the troops, all who contributed in their inimitable way (spatial awareness and space time continuum bending from El Binna, brawn from the Small But Doughty Man, well timed belligerence from The Rider of Rowan and something from Dave) – after a particularly smoove moove relaxing beverages were spoiled by a road raging Subaru driver who wanted our James Bond parking space and was prepared to drive through our human shield to get it but all worked out in the end.  Unpacking not nearly as painful as it could have been and the oestrogen laden household is proving to be quite amenable to a boy growing up.

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