Tuesday, 26 July 2005

Fwd: I've left on a jetplane ...don't know when i'llbe back again

Typing the first real travelogue from seat 32A on Thai Airways flight
whatever ... Seatguru.com seemed to have got it wrong as there's no
power point and I've got very limited legroom despite assuring the
check in guy that I'm a collosus of a man and I need the emergency
exit seat ... I can certainly handle the responsibility but they were
adament that they had found a better man.
Last night was it was a bit of a mess ... Realised I had nowhere to
stay in Bangkok when I got there, no way of getting cash out on my
credit card and my lonely planet had disappeard ... It all was
rectified in the morning ... Thank god for the internet I say ...
Goodbyes are always difficult ... and this week i've had a few ... But
as someone haughtily reminded me ... I'm not going away for that long
so i'll be seeing you all pretty soon. I think I managed to say
goodbye to just about everyone ... Even the ones I don't really like
Holiday really hasn't started yet although I think getting on the
plane is certainly a good starting point. The next posting should be
a little more coherent as I won't be addled from the altitude and the
Ballantines ... In fact, the next posting may even turn up before this
one if I don't find a wifi in Bangkok ...

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