Sunday, 31 July 2005

Celebrity Watch

Arrived at bangkok and was confronted with a collossos of a man on the plane ... Looked very familia, none other than Nathan Jones of WWF and Troy fame ... Had a bit of a chat, apparently he's down here for the premiere of the new Tony Jaa muay thai vehicle, whose name escapes me ... He plays an Australian bad guy, what a surprise ... you wouldn't meet a nicer bloke although I bet he didn't have any problems securing decent legroom. But then again, would you argue with him???
Got ripped off at the airport a little bit, compared all of the prices that were offered, the same, and then got guilt tripped into tipping the cab driver, after I checked in ithe lonely planet and found that what I paid to get here was substantially more than was recommended. Still, cheap at twice the price ... Bit wrecked but decided to check out the ROAD and had a wee drappy before fending off some unwelcome advances and returning to the ... Ahem, hotel. I expect the updates will substantially drop off once I get started on my adventures.
By the by, it's very hot.

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