Sunday, 31 July 2005

Back on the bike

Staying in Ayathaya at the moment, the old capital. After politely declining a pushy tuk tuk driver's offer of driving me around the city I had the choice of hiring a motorbike or a pushbike. Being a colossos of a man (at least as far as Thai people go) my only choice on the bike front was a crappe old girls bike with a basket in the front. However, I needed the exercise so I went with this one. After an hour my bum was killing me, after two my hands were killing me. By the end I was in hurting all over; what I wouldn't have done for a nice pair of bike shorts and gloves and a proper seat and handblebars. Went to see lots of temples and monuments and got some great views of the countryside. Also got to see some more elephants ... Just rode in and wandered up to them. There was barly any supervision. probably the highlight of the day. Got a bit lost a few times but that's what happens when I go travelling. Saw lots of children who ran along beside me sayinghello with cheeryfaces, also had a bit of a chat with a guy whose name escapes me who spoke no English at all but when him and his wife found out I was australian they said, 'Ah, Jennifer Hawkins' ... Obviously she made an impact (miss universe to anyone who's already forgotten her). I don't know if I got a decdent photo of her but I saw the quintessentl Thai bike courier, about 60 years old with half a cigarette hanging out of her mouth and a tonne of boxes on a dinky little bike that was in worse condition than my hire one. I'll post the picture if I can. Also got a tremendous sunburn ... I feel i'll have a mighty tan before I leave but aloe vera is a foreign word over here and i'm hoping my skin doesn't peel off before it goes dark. Sitting in a bar at the moment hoping I can have a shower before I g on a 12 hour overnight trip to Chang Mai (no sleeping carriages left!!!) where i'll meet up with a few people I met in bangkok ... Maybe.

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