Sunday, 17 May 2009

Hubert's Homebrew
Now, it has been some time since I blogged properly due to the machinations of my current existence which is really no excuse but it has been even longer since I have had any experience with the construction of or even just the imbibing of home brew - and they've always been relatively positive experiences.  From the first time I tried the first attempts of some old school chums (which rated a mention in a best man speech as I recall) to the copious quantities imbibed at an @home stag night they've all been memorable in their own way.  The previously mentioned first attempt was not quality but it was drinkable and I believe I may have even been sub18 so it would have been one of my first true drunks.  It was hot, the beer had been designed with as high an alcohol content as possible and whilst there was no real shenanigans apart from total loss of control it was a drunk and I hadn't had any (although I do believe it was the second one), next was my own attempts, the first one was pretty good - a stout, some was given away to positive reviews, it was taken to parties, it was drunk and it was celebrated.  Pretty good for one's self esteem and nobody ever complained - I can't recall any stories other than positive reviews, so it was appreciated and not criticised which is also good.  The stories of the infamous Satan's Sloe (Gin) were even wilder - so good that it was sold for cash, it's qualities got me one of my first kisses from my best friend's girlfriend! Not something to be proud of, it was kind of sleazy but it's a memory that will stay with me forever even if it is one of the haziest ones I have, I think we got caught but it didn't seem to cause too much trouble in the long run.  There was more produced on a grander scale by AJ, my experimental school friend who has a Life Wish which can be equated with mine although it expresses itself in different ways, nearly always good and often reducing a party's costs by half.  When you've got home brew on hand in quantities then the dynamic of a party changes - you can booze till you drop and often do.  Not all of the expeirences are drunken but they're often memorable.  I think I've got still got a brewing kit stashed under M&D's house.  Maybe I'll pull it out.

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